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The PlanSEA.org Mission Statement

Our mission is to produce educational multi-media programming emphasizing the importance of sustaining planet earth, with special emphasis on oceans and all marine environments.

About PlanSEA.org

We believe the ocean is the next critical frontier upon which to focus for the protection of resources that are vital to global quality of life and prosperity. We are thinking beyond "Going Green" and recognize the urgency of "Going Blue".

PlanSEA.org is a non-profit video production company based in Honolulu, Hawaii. The organization was founded in 2009 by Ray Hollowell, an acclaimed ocean adventure cameraman and TV producer with more than three decades of video experience. PlanSEA.org was formed to develop a comprehensive media approach to educate future generations about the importance of becoming good stewards of the sea.

PlanSEA.org, a 501(c)(3), currently consists of volunteers and a board of directors. The organization has established strategic partnerships in its initial years of existence and has created a signature ocean adventure educational television and internet series titled My Beach Report.

Check out PlanSEA TV and our latest production for children's hospitals worldwide

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About the PlanSEA TV DVD

Designed specifically for kids, PlanSEA.org has created the ultimate in ocean adventure programming. The project, PlanSEA TV, is 60 minutes of inspiring, riveting stories about the larger-than-life connection between humans and our oceans.

These stories feature compelling, up-close footage that reveals what the ocean means to us, and how we can become good stewards of our marine environment. PlanSEA.org programming also reveals how the ocean can have a healing, therapeutic effect on children of all ages regardless of their abilities.

Over the last few years, Kai Wilding, A.K.A. "Kai The Ocean Guy" has been an on-camera spokesman and TV host for PlanSEA.org and our My Beach Report ocean adventure multimedia series. We've donated our content to children's hospitals, schools nationwide, children's after school programs, facilities for at-risk youth, the GOOGLE OCEANS project, the Ocean Network, U.S Military Channels worldwide and throughout Japan's consumer market via our partner, Sunsmile Japan. The goal is to manufacture more than 10,000 PlanSEA TV DVDs in our first year and donate them as a "pillow gift" to"entertain, educate, and, most importantly, inspire children during their stay in the hospital.

Join the PlanSEA.org team in our mission to contribute to children's health, education, and the conservation of our planet's oceans!

  Sea of Inspierationr


“Positive attitude and determination are everything!”

Colonel John R. Bates (USMC) Retired

PlanSEA.org's SEA OF INSPIRATION project takes disabled children and wounded U.S. military servicemen and women on epic ocean and air adventures throughout the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Our veteran camera crew documents the participant’s amazing experience, which is produced, distributed and donated as multi-media content formatted for television, internet and DVD.

Our SEA OF INSPIRATION series is designed to inspire and encourage people with disabilities. In addition, our programming will show viewers, with a can do attitude, almost anything is possible! PlanSEA.org programming also reveals how the ocean can have a healing, therapeutic affect on people of all ages, regardless of their ability.

Since 2009, the PlanSEA.org team has helped facilitate and film awesome ocean adventures for disabled children from partnering foundations such as Make A Wish Hawaii, Access Surf, and the Mauli Ola Foundation. In addition, with the assistance of U.S. military legend, Colonel John R. Bates (USMC) Retired, and the Navy League of Honolulu, the PlanSEA team has taken severely injured US military service members on epic ocean and air adventures throughout the Hawaiian Islands!

SEA OF INSPIRATION participants have enjoyed swimming with dolphins in the wild, surfing for the very first time, outrigger canoe surfing, stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling amidst the pristine coral reefs of the Hawaiian coastline, flying like Superman underwater while wearing the Navy SEAL jet boots with retired Navy SEAL, Justin Knowles and even skydiving with the Colonel John Bates (USMC) Retired!

No matter what age or type of disability, SEA OF INSPIRATION participants are always amazed and truly appreciate the healing powers of the ocean and Hawaii's magnificent sea and landscapes. We guarantee plenty of excitement, big smiles and laughter on every ocean and air adventure!”

The Maharaja of Jodhpur & Marwar India, Gaj Singh II endorses PlanSEA.org

GREAT NEWS for PlanSEA.org! The Maharaja of Jodhpur & Marwar India, Gaj Singh II, did an on camera interview for us and was talking about how India is the first country to BAN DOLPHINS IN CAPTIVITY. He also invited the PlanSEA.org production team to bring our ocean adventure educational TV programming to India to help educate and inspire their children and families to become good stewards of the sea.

We're honored to have the country of India as our new allies in raising marine environmental awareness and protection for marine mammals and many thanks to Bruddah Bill Wyland, owner of Bill Wyland Galleries International, Olga Brandao, Vikram Sodhi and Gopalan Krishnan for making this happen.

Bill Wyland and the Maharaja of Jodhpur & Marwar India - Gaj Singh ll Vikram Sodhi, Ogla Brandao, The Maharaja of Jodhpur & Marwar - Gaj Singh ll, Ray Hollowell Col John Bates USMC Retired, Stephanie Bates, Olga Brandao, Bill Wyland, Brian Wyland
Bill Wyland and the Maharaja of Jodhpur & Marwar India - Gaj Singh ll The Maharaja of Jodhpur & Marwar India, Gaj Singh II and Ray Hollowell

My Beach Report is the grass roots "Blue Movement"

The PlanSEA team is making a positive impact around the world and producing programming in several languages, which include English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, French and Arabic. We support the conservation, preservation and protection of all oceans, rivers, lakes and marine environments worldwide.

My Beach Report: The amazing DROWNING DOLPHIN RESCUE by the PlanSEA.org Team!

My Beach Report Highlights Show: Six exciting ocean adventures hosted by teens from Hawaii, Virginia, California and Japan!

ODYSSEY CAMPZ project at Encinitas Country Day School in North County San Diego, California.

ocean joy

ocean joy

The following videos are WHY I LOVE THE OCEAN videos that were researched, video taped, and edited by students of Mr. Matthew Decking and his ODYSSEY CAMPZ project at Encinitas Country Day School in North County San Diego, California. Great work Mr. Decking and the students of ODYSSEY CAMPZ 2016! To the OCEAN! The PlanSEA.org Team










PlanSEA Projects In Development

  • The SEA of INSPIRATION Television Series: PlanSEA.org in association with WoundedWear.org and the United States Navy League Honolulu Council present the SEA of INSPIRATION initiative. We sponsor wounded veterans and a family member an all expenses paid ocean adventure trip of a lifetime to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Our veteran production crew documents their amazing ocean adventures, which will broadcast in both national and international television markets, plus internet TV based distribution. The initiative is designed to encourage and inspire wounded service members from the United States military by helping them connect with the healing, therapeutic powers of the ocean. Episodes one and two document Senior Airman Brian Kolfage and Corporal Todd Love (USMC) Retired and their iconic stories of surviving life-threatening injuries and coming back from the brink.

    The SEA of INSPIRATION initiative has expanded to include children and adults with both mental and physical disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome and Cystic Fibrosis. We are currently in post-production of several segments which will feature inspiring stories that will highlight our participants having the time of their lives while immersing themselves in the healing powers of the ocean! Visit www.seaofinspiration.org to learn more.
  • The PlanSEA.org OCEAN SAFETY Initiative: Our multilingual team accompanied by our adorable animated characters join up with Honolulu City and County Lifeguards and top watermen and women of Hawaii to learn about ocean safety, including rules and regulations to follow, while enjoying the tropical beaches and waters of our islands. A safe vacation makes for a fun vacation!

  • A Message From Our Founder

    Environmental and oceanic education has been noted as lacking in regular K-12 programs, with a shockingly low amount of students understanding even the most fundamental principles behind marine impact on the ecosystem. New projects such as Google Oceans (a PlanSEA.org partner), work to educate the general population about our oceans, and raise the bar of ocean literacy and education throughout the world.

    PlanSEA.org is here to make a positive impact on the entire world, and we would love for you to join us. Please consider this unique opportunity to take a leadership role in our worthwhile projects that will benefit people of all ages worldwide for generations to come.

    To the SEA!

    Ray Hollowell - Founder

    Email: ray@plansea.org

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